Three Versatile Items You Need For Your Bug-Out Shelter

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If you are like most doomsday preppers, you have probably already stocked your bug-out shelter with your basic needs, such as water and canned foods. If so, you are probably ready to begin equipping your shelter with these sometimes overlooked necessities that you are going to need in the event of a doomsday scenario. These items include the daily niceties that you have become accustomed to, such as grooming aids and heat, that you may not have access to if you must shelter in place for a long period of time. The following are three things you should consider having on hand in your bug-out shelter. In addition, all three of these items serve more than one purpose. 

Wood Stove

Use Number One: Heating

A wood stove can keep your bug-out shelter nice and toasty during the cold winter months. 

Use Number Two: Cooking

Depending on the model you choose, you may be able to cook on top of your wood stove. Some versions will also allow you to bake or roast items in them. Experts caution that it does take time to learn how to cook with a wood stove. For one thing, you need to start the fire well in advance of your actual cooking time so that the stove can heat up properly. In addition, you may need to adjust the cooking time on some of your recipes since the temperature of a wood stove can’t be as easily controlled as, say, that of a gas oven. 

Straight Razor Kits

Use Number One: Grooming

If bushy facial hair isn’t your thing, you should stock several straight razor kits in your bug-out shelter. Why a straight razor? More than likely, you will not have access to electricity, so an electric razor is not going to be very useful. And disposable razors or razor blade cartridges are only going to last you so long. With care, a straight razor blade could last you a lifetime. In addition to your straight razor blade, you will need the following in order to keep your blade nice and sharp:

  • A hone, such as a whetstone, to sharpen your blade. 
  • A strop. Typically, a strop consists of one leather strip and one canvas strip. These are used to refine your blade after it has been honed. 

Use Number Two: A Weapon

If you’ve ever heard the famous story of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, you know that a straight razor can also be used as a lethal weapon. This is another advantage a straight razor has over a disposable razor.

In addition, a straight razor can also be used to dispatch a few chickens or slit the throats of other small game. You should have several blades on hand in your shelter just in case you damage one in hand-to-hand combat or while slaughtering livestock. You can find razor sets at websites like

A Dog

Use Number One: A Companion

If you’ve been thinking about getting a puppy as a companion, take the time to choose one that could also be useful in the event of a doomsday scenario. While a Chihuahua might make a wonderful companion for your current everyday life, it may not be as useful for a prepper as some other breeds. 

Use Number Two: A Helper

For example, a well-trained German Shepherd can guard your bug-out compound and protect your family against intruders. Or if you believe that you’ll be hunting for food, you may want to invest in and train a pointer or a beagle as these dogs have been bred to lead their owners to game.  

Because you typically only have limited room in a bug-out shelter, it only makes sense to choose items such as these that can perform double duty. 

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