5 Tips To Making The Perfect Family Reunion T-Shirt

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Have you been put in charge of making t-shirts for your family reunion? If so, you probably want to design a t-shirt that your extended family will be proud to wear until your next large reunion, and that task can be a bit overwhelming. However, follow these five pieces of advice and you will produce a product that your whole family will be happy with. You might even impress that aunt or uncle that is never happy with anything.  

Get Plenty of Input 

If you have a lot of great, funny ideas for your t-shirt design, that is great. You should write them down or draw them up on your computer. Then you should put them away for awhile to get the rest of your family’s opinions. Having a t-shirt that you like or your immediate family finds funny is important, but it is more important to try making as many members of your extended family as possible feel represented by the shirt. 

Consider having a t-shirt design contest two months before the reunion. This can get your family excited about the reunion and increase your design ideas. Set up a section on your reunion website where family members can vote. If two or three designs are equally popular, considering merging them or printing both designs and letting family members choose which one they want to purchase. 

Choose High Quality Shirts For Printing 

The quality of your product can mean the difference between people wearing it only once during your event or keeping it as a keepsake for years. Most printing stores offer a selection of t-shirts in various sizes, colors, and qualities. However, before you simply purchase what a store claims is a high quality shirt, order a sample and assess the fabric style, fiber content, and fit yourself. 

Most people are happy with a thick 100% cotton t-shirt with round loop knitting. 

Offer A Range Of Sizes 

Before you order, you should get more size information for everyone who will be getting a shirt. The best way to do this is to send the sizing measurements from the company you are placing your order with and allow each individual to determine their own best fit. However, you should order a few extras in each size. This allows people to exchange their order for a shirt in a different size if they find out the shirt runs larger or smaller than they are used to. 

While you are at it, don’t forget to print up a few rompers for any babies or toddlers that will be attending the event. 

Consider Multiple Colors 

Just like you may want to print multiple designs, you may also want to print your shirts in a few different colors. This will allow everyone to select a color they find flattering and make them more likely to wear the shirt more often. You should select harmonic colors, so the t-shirts look good together in photographs, and refrain from giving your family members too many choices. Two colors and two designs provide plenty of options. 

Include Those Who Can’t Attend 

When ordering t-shirts, try to include shirts for those who are unable to make it to the reunion. Ideally, these shirts can be sent out ahead of time and then those not attending can send pictures of themselves wearing the t-shirts to be displayed during the reunion. This will help make everyone feel like a part of the family. 

A family reunion should be a positive memory for everyone involved. A great t-shirt should not only be a fun family project, but should also become a treasured keepsake. 

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